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August 25, at Is this true, I would like to get this new moto cable box pvr and hook it up through the hdmi, but not if it will cause a delay. This feature is more than 20 years on Bell satellite receivers and is simple and easy to implement yet Shaw cable boxes continue to ignore this useful feature 3 — Network — Media Center — Hub: I suspect that this is some sort of quirk in the firm ware that has not yet been addressed by Motorola. We always use the USB Port and it always works on our installations. It’s the centre of a connected home. For example when you first received your DCX the external hard drive feature was turned off and then later the cable company decided to open up this feature and presto your External hard drive is working fine with the DCX

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This site requires JavaScript to function properly. To learn more, visit Arris Feature comparison: March 12, at 3: December 19, at 8: You should know that ALL set top boxes whether Cable, Satellite or Telephone company boxes with built in PVR — recorders will have a cooling fan and hard drive built into the integrated units. Broadcast programming would record fine however most movies will have encryption built into them during broadcast.

Regardless of the ownership of the various cable companies and networks — the Broadcast rights are held by and dictated to the Cable Operators by the Rights Holders which largely are Hollywood and the American Network Companies.

June 29, at 9: I am also looking for this driver.

Motorola DCX PVR Cable Box Review | Tech Tips and Toys

This is normal since various HD programming is shot in different resolutions. Now as long as the transmitting signal resolution stays the same at P both the cable box and TV remain synced however if you change the cable box channel to a NON HD Channel or a HD Channel transmitting in a different resolution or a different source such as a DVD player the HDMI, HDCP Handshake, authentication protocol and then approval and SYNCing needs to occur all over again ;anel is why you see the blue or black screen for a few moments at the Display and Cable Box or DVD player communicate with each other to determine the new resolution and display and transmission requirements.


I’ve read that they are nearly identical to the older motorla to the DCT version. The sound still works and I can see the Cable Channel guide. This feature is more than 20 years on Bell satellite receivers and is simple and easy to implement yet Shaw cable boxes continue to ignore this useful feature.

I suggest using the USB Port rather than the eSata Port odds are it PVR Expander capability is activated in your cablebox firmware the USB Hard Drvie will be recognized by the system and then a be initialized pznel formatted by the DCX Another solution would be to try a different hard drive and of course in order to rule out an issue with the connecting cables a second eSata or USB Cable would be helpful especially if you know for certain the connecting USB or eSata cable works on another device.

By far the best information I have found on this PVR. No red light letting me know if something is recording.

Motorola DCX | HDTV DCT

I was able to copy recorded shows from my Comcast DVR to my Windows XP computer fairly easily using a FireWire cable, a few software drivers, and a free video streaming program. Comes with a perfect working Shaw Remote.

The manufacturer Motorola makes these cable boxes and programs them to the specifications of each cable company. Would the system likely recognize the new drive and format it properly?


Motorola DCX STB (MPEG-4)

For the best viewing experience please update your browser to Google Chrome. Hockey games for example are usually i. Again, I want to thank you for your help. Call your call company get them to re-hit your box and it should work fine after that.

For cable systems outside of the USA, please contact your provider to ensure they will activate a 3rd party unit as they are not required to provide you with a cable card or provision a unit not from them.

Once again both Telus and Bell set-top boxes have the capability to be programmed On-Line via the internet or smart phone apps. While scx-34xx cable company has enabled PVR anywhere feature they have restricted it to the internal hard drive directory on the external DCX boxes. September 20, at Add a personal message.

Motorola, now Arris will install whatever size drive inside the DCX specified by the cable operator. When developing the HDMI standard all was well till the movie industry entered the picture pnel decided that HDMI must carry various forms of copy guard protection within the specs of the cable. It’s a new era of entertainment. Does anyone know of a way to make this work with Tim’s firewire setup?

Trying to use the Hard Drive with another cablebox will result in a message this drive is unreadable would you like to format it — which of course will erase all the recording contained on it!. You’ll also need a software program to view the recorded video file, and the free VLC Media Player handles this nicely.