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Further analysis is given in the Minimoog Service Manual, Section 2. This VCO uses the Bergfotron standard socket for the exponential converter transistor pair and temperature compensation resistor. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This voltage controlled oscillator has a core that is similar to the one used in later Minimoogs. In , to celebrate Moog’s birthday, Google created an interactive version of the Minimoog as its Google Doodle.

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Moog Music Inc. Moog Oscillator – MU Module on ModularGrid

Oscillator board close up. The Minimoog is an analog synthesizer first manufactured by Moog Music between and Moog synthesizers Monophonic synthesizers Analog synthesizers. OP single precision op-amp 1.

To keep these exponential converters stable required pairs of transistors that were closely matched and thermally joined. In addition, you need the following less common parts: Sign up using Email and Password.

The parts were potted with Araldite. The rare UA heated transistor pair IC. Rare and tricky to find, beware of counterfeits on Ebay. In the circuit, Q7 and Q8 form a current sink, drawing a current through the collector of Q7 oscillatoe is exponentially related to the voltage present at the base of Q7.


Moog 921 Oscillator

They were also used in some Aries and early E-mu modulars. InMoog Co released the Moog Voyager, an updated version of the Minimoog that sold more than 14, units, more than the original Minimoog.

This swing-in graph was measured by letting the VCO warm up for at least 1 hour, tuning it carefully, switching the power off for at least an hour, turning it back on and immediately start to measure the tuning without re-tuning it. Sawtooth, pulse, triangle and sine wave. The exponential converter uses a conventional NPN transistor oscillatir and a tempco resistor that are potted together for best temperature stability.

Music News, New Music. The Minimoog was designed as an affordable, portable, simplified instrument which combined the most useful components in a single device. Molg other pieces of electrical equipment are still in use after 40 years? Model D buying guide. These things can’t all be true at once!

Minimoog Model D

This voltage controlled oscillator has a core that is similar to the one used in later Minimoogs. A tour inside the mighty Yamaha CS polysynth in pictures. This results in stable tuning with low drift, fast swing-in after switch-on and good oxcillator stability.

That node is the output of an op amp that sums the control voltages for the oscillator, and is normally a DC voltage that determines the frequency, increasing by mV per octave.


Recheck joog DC offset and adjust if necessary. This board has been re-capped at some point — the cylindrical electrolytic capacitors on the board are a newer type.

These are supposed to be connected with insulated wires. You should have access to the parts in the general bill of materials.

For additional temperature compensation the VCO uses a 1 kohm temperature compensation resistor.

I used oscillxtor with ppm temperature coefficient. Adjust the oscillatof voltages to exactly Digitally controlled LFO mode. The modular synthesizers were difficult to use, requiring users to connect components manually with patch cables to create sounds, were sensitive to temperature and humidity, and cost tens of thousands of dollars.

It has internal temperature regulation and a pin for setting the temperature. Van Koevering used the building to host an event he billed as “Island of Electronicus”, a “psuedo-psychedelic experience that brought counterculture minus the drugs to straight families and connected it with the sound of the Minimoog”.