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From software, this helps to identify the problem is on recharging or discharging. Added a patched RPC-1 firmware 0. The file has NOT been tested yet. Disassembly Procedure Flowchart Disassembly Procedure Flowchart The flowchart gives you a graphic representation on the entire disassembly and reassembly and instructs you how to remove the components. As i know it’s the first time a Hifi componant can be upgraded by customers. Please let me know if it works as expected. If you want to patch your drive, you have to flash the drive on a PC.

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Added an older firmware 1.

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If you can not correct the problems according to the anterior tables, see Undetermined Problems. Kirill are all confirmed to work!! Go to Fekete Istvan page for more infos. The flash chip in the Pioneer drive only support around flash cycle.

Write a comment Latest comments: I’m fucked, i must go to the army. Page LCD This patch do not make the drive RPC-1 but viewing of movies from all 8 regions is enabled.



We need some Beta testers with a Matshita SR It allows the users to save changes to CMOS and reboot the system. It’s a utility which analyses cr-953 displays the most important informations about a drive, disc, configuration and software. Fekete istvan released a patched RPC-1 firmware 1. Tested with firmware GH4S.

When analyzing an intermittent problems, follow the procedures below: Should the programs prove defective following their purchase, the mqtshita and not Acer Incorporated, ddma distributor, or its dealer assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair, and any incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect in the software. The future of region free drive is now in Firmware hacking like Fekete Istvan done with the Pioneer drives.

If the Eraser don’t work, try a latest firmware update No need to reboot!

Panasonic 40X CR CD-ROM –

See link for the page. They say the Eraser contained Pioneer copyrighted code, but it’s mztshita true. Firmware v for the Kenwood True 62X and 72X. Patch by Sjwinck – This one is untested!!

Special holliday update from Hong Kong! The only way to make these new dvd-rom players region free is through a firmware update — if one exists and even then you probably will be able to change the firmware only a maximum of five times. Then detach the VGA heatsink. Written by Dag Lem. Thanks to Mr SD-C for the file.


Slightly pull the edge of the lower case from the left side and at the same time push the main board on the bottom side to pop up the main board. It can be used by user running any MA. The system and all peripherals are powered off. Then disconnect the media board FFC. The battery mafshita is removed. Users having SD-R drive with firmware 1B. As usual, they are actually untested and we are waiting for your results. Here in France, Pioneer make the modification for Fr.