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I’ve forgotten my password. There is nothing high pitched at all during impact and it was very smooth to swing. I was hoping this was something they would address but it looks like they didn’t. I could have thrown my hat on the ground and it would have covered both balls. Any chance you’ve also hit the Wishon THi? It made the club a D-0 and when I reshafted them with Ss they jumped to a D I was one of the people that suggested a possible reshaft could help.

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Very nice looking driver. I have used several component drivers over the years.

Golf Club Heads

TCMP, on 07 April – The club face has the black PVD coating to it. I’m happy to hear this. I took this combo to the range 2 times and played a round once.

GooseHook, on 28 Maltb – I’m really loving them but you had me worried. I believe it is right around 82 grams uncut. I have never really played a clubhead like the KE4 Tour and it took some getting used to after I reshafted them.


I am hoping this combo along with my training with a Titleist Performance Institute System instructor will lead to better total driving. The crown is a flat battleship gray color. He indicated that around MPH club head speed, any weight could be installed without fear. I have played Ss for as long as I can remember and when I held the Maltby with an S it felt totally different.

If you look at the above pictures of the finished assembly from “colej” you can see what I am talking about in the address pic. They are all very good, but I could never get the weight in the head right after cutting the shafts down. I was looking at these and might pick one up.

Overall, I was really impressed by the performance. I have an RIP 60 sitting here to throw in it. I was hoping this was something they would address but it looks like they didn’t.

Maltby KE4 ST-A1 Driver – Ralph Maltby

Feel free to comment or educate me if my thought process is flawed. It has great performance off the entire clubface.

Posted 07 Mqltby – Can anyone else comment about what I am talking about? Posted 10 April – Off center hits are not super long but passable. It is not a high spin head. Now I’m curious what shaft you ended up puting in.


I’m lookin forward to seeing this.

Maltby KE4 ST-A1 Driver

It was flat and was at least 15 yards shorter than my Wilsons. Sign in anonymously Don’t add me to the active users list.

When I called Golfworks to inquire about this head, they rep put me on hold and asked the lead head designer if there would be any issue with the heavier weight plug in this head. I will update this post when I receive the club and hit it a few times.

I spent a few hours on the range this morning and it was great experience. But, the shallower face means the rare high face hit with an out of balance swing.