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Double click on a column name to add that column to the SQL query. Use the following procedure as a general guideline for configuring data sources refer to the documentation that accompanies each data source application for details. Then do one of the following:. Please contact us at support actualtech. Next, FileMaker will display a dialog box where you can map the fields from the Access database to the fields of the FileMaker database:. After you have configured the driver, you can access records in your data source. One spot seemed nice for this:

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Configuring an ODBC client driver

Want to add to the discussion? You may also add ESS filemqker to existing databases – the steps are the same. A System DSN data source name is available to all users who log in to your computer.

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Then do one of the following:. Why Swedish I haven’t got the foggiest.

Actual ESS Adapter

When all records have been imported, FileMaker will display a summary: Still we knew that the SQL developer might want to rename some columns, or even release new views to replace the old ones after some weeks this is a real case, not fantasy So we wanted to build a system that would resist a change on the source side.


FileMaker was acting very strangely and even crashing. FileMaker will display a dialog box with a list of the tables defined in your database: Your sales information is stored in a Microsoft Access database, and you want to import your sale force contact information into your FileMaker database.

If no driver appears for the data source you want to use, you can use a driver from a third-party vendor. Log in or sign up in seconds.

When you click on a table name, the columns defined for that table will appear on the right column. These instructions assume you have already downloaded and installed the appropriate ODBC driver for your database, you have configured a System DSN data source nameand that you have purchased a license key or registered for a 30 day trial key.

Actual support sent me a link to register for a 30 day trial with unlimited records. If your data source appears in the list, the driver is already configured. To decide kdbc a record matches and must be updated, 3 columns had to be used as matching keys.

All rights reserved home products developers store compatibles downloads support about us. So you will be able to edit your scripts and the server can perform them. So we go for ODBC imports, but refinements are to come later. Some of the important filemakrr I need to update have special characters that require Unicode. What script steps are we talking about? You will then be presented with a list of tables from your database: It uses ODBC import.


Press the Import button to continue.

Note that it is not possible, at least to my knowledge, to read data from an external source without writing to a FileMaker table import. Select the table you would like to view and press OK. If your post gets lost in the spam filter please don’t hesitate to contact the moderators. Next, FileMaker will display a dialog box where you can map the fields from the Access database to the fields of the FileMaker database:.

Have you never been bothered by inconsistent database structures between a data source and your own application? Give your database file a name. Next, FileMaker will display the Import Options dialog: The table will be added to the Relationships tab:. Click Done to save your data source information.