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Carried them all into the house up a flight of stairs myself too. Also, going something called an “extreme slope network” is unnecessary. WIth all this talk about frequency response, I dug out literally my Nov. One great idea is the beveled corner board allowing the KHorn tail boardto sit flush against it. The voltage response is expressed in terms of an equivalent dB.

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They fill the house with food for the soul. With that said, here is my report:.

There is no assumptions related to the horn geometry. I prefer not to mess around with a driver’s natural roll off.

I had been planning on just doing the B thing at a convenient time as they always seem to be around and affordable. Pretty pricey, though and it is more than I can do right now. Good tip on the use of pipe insulation Within 2 weeks he sold the Bsas, the tube amp and the tt. Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.


I am fairly sure if you want a driver that responds well at Hz it will need to be phenolic IMO it’s probably smoothed a tad. I was planning on building a Latino – ST I have run mine on both SS and tubes and they have sounded great with both setups.

For the Klipschorn, the AA bas filter seems to work well. GhonkOct 7, Here’s the model predictions square magnet K33E for a few of the Klipschorn filters that have been used over the years. Most magazines with the exception of Audio followed suit. The trick however is to either derive, approximate or experimentally determine the functional form. The simulations shown below are the result of modifications to the original network design.

Klipschorn Setup | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Posted March 16, The klippschorn can alter the output of the tweeter in the crossover region by changing the value of the 1. The plot below is the network operating with a 4. Having said that there are numerous problems in using in the setup you’re talking about.

The predicted response is the electrical power dissipation across R et. The plot covers the frequency range from 10 to Hz.

Klipschorn Setup

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Posted April 11, The first plot shown above is the impedance magnitude of the two versions of the K33E shown earlier. The filter is designed to reduce the audibility of everything above about 6kHz and everything below about Hz. The process continues until the desired performance is obtained.


Here is a way to build false corners so klispchorn may place anywhere. I know as many people that would refuse to allow them to be brought into their house. The volume of air between the front of the driver cone and klipscuorn baffle board, V fwill have to do however and L cec represents the electrical equivalent inductance of the compliance associated with this air volume.

Originally Posted by Ben Clarke.

The fitting parameters, like the functional form for the radiation resistance, allows the modeler to “fine tune” the real part of the simulated response to the corresponding real part of the measured response.