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If you can write documentation, please volunteer to help with that as well. If you are interested in helping with this, please open a new issue for the translation and a developer will contact you with more details. When I check my cabe, I get response: You can type anything into the box you need, so if your adapter is assigned to for example port 15, simply type COM15 into the box and you should be off and running. When the import is complete, you can upload the result to your VX This is far more reliable than manipulating the radio by hand and synchronizing the software. Contact the site with comments or questions.

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This is enough to make me specify that this chip set is prohibited for any products at my company, including purchasing any cables with this chipset.

Insert the provided software driver CD into your computer CD tray.

They sent a link that installed the driver onto my laptop running Windows XP. This lets it run on all platforms unchanged. Cable length from tip to tip is 50 inches long. Prolific also prohibits the distribution of any PL drivers including download links without kawamapl permission from Prolific.

USB RS Converters

What is a live radio? Further, putting various configurations into the stock list can make switching your radio between multiple functions or geographical regions easy. Since that is unlikely to result in any different behavior, we recommend you switch to another ISP or mail provider for chirp emails. Prolific advices end-users to only purchase vendor branded cable products with company name contact information for service and support. Been used on xp and vista. If your N0CAL arrl. If you have a question about anything, please join the CHIRP mailing list and ask your question there.


Click on “Finish” after the wizard has completed finding the new cable. In order to work around this, the chirp mailing lists would have to introduce some acrobatics to try to appease these new filters, which would compromise the experience for others and be more work for the mailing list admins. How can I access Device Manager in Windows? This strategy breaks many of the decades-old rules of email delivery, including most mailing lists.

KAWAMALL Serial Rs-232 USB Programming Ribless Cable for A8 Motorola Mag 1 Bpr40

Wait for hardware wizard to find the driver. September 14, If your radio supports it, you can choose split in the Duplex column.

October 11, This provides the ability to exchange your programming information between dissimilar radios. Please do not contact the author or developers directly!

If you are developer, please see the Developers page for details on how you can contribute.

USB end connects to your computer. The full error message as seen by the user is: Has anyone gotten this thing to work? If seroal interested in loaning your radio for this process, please follow these steps: Here are a few common methods: When I installed it it couldn’t find a driver. RT Systems has a free program that see which port has activity on it and can help resolve [some] issues.


Prolific adds a killer to their drivers to make sure that the driver will not work with the clones. In order to add support for a new radio model to CHIRP, a developer needs to reverse engineer the clone protocol and memory format of the radio.

These are called “clone-mode radios”. The issue tracker provides a way for users to report bugs, generic issues, and request features.

Most of the radios supported by CHIRP are programmed by downloading an entire “image” or “snapshot” of the radio’s memory, manipulating it, and then uploading it back to the radio.