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Ki Image Stabilizer Gone Sep 8, the image stabilizer is gone after i reflashed my se ki.. They are very important to me. Its been a while and my phone died literally after it got into water! I would like to improve the camera for pictures , video can we upgrade it to QVGA instead? Jul 21, What do you do next after you downloaded and installed Road Sync flapping?

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I tried to restart ,800i phone, to take off the battery, to reset the settings, to set a network manually etc etc but still nothing.

Dont expect that K behave like SLR camera. Total of user reviews and opinions for Sony Ericsson K Unlocking Sony Ericsson K Your computer also does not identify your phone. Ki – Software Update Sony Ericsson:: Also when you connect phone to SEUS it creates virtual ports necessary for communication in case they were not created earlier. A listener who is traveling or commuting in a vehicle can arrange to have special traffic bulletins break into programs automatically, even if the traffic information is broadcast by a station other than the one the listener is tuned to at the moment.


We will fix it, Read On. Ki – Calls List Will Not Work Aug 26, The calls history, missed calls, recieved calls, dialed numbers lists are not available on my sony ki mobile.

Sony Ericsson K800 Video clips

But you must use the firmware of your phone, if your phone is a k then use k firmwares. An RDS receiver can also be set to display brief text messages from broadcasters, and to periodically re-set the car clock to show the exact time.

The video Shows how to flash the firmwares. Check out the tutorials section for customizing your phone with flash menus, Walkman Skins, Menu Modding etc. Normally, it should take days to reach that power level. I tried several times and same things happened. Because when len cover open it activate the camera no mater you keylock or not.

Last edited by globenet25user; 19th Apr at I can k800l the voice of other callers. Also check out my download section for few links. I wanted to throw it away but i discovered i could navigate using numbers when am using ucweb application and some! Is there any way I can recover the corrupted images?

It should take a few seconds. Sony Ericsson Ki Phone Review. You must always write a gdfs that came from your very own handset. When i start the phone it blink red from ir port and the screen turns white.


Redlight blinking is a sign of low battery or swmc dead EROM.

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How do you get it to display on the front panel? Select the gdfs to restore. Done Now you can start your phone. Jul 21, What do you do next after you downloaded and installed Road Sync flapping?

USB_Flash_Drivers_for_x64 Usb flash drivers of ki for windows 64 bit –

Ki Firmware Update Error Jul 13, have recently been having few issues with my phone, and noticed im still running the original firmware R1CB So if someone could Help me i would be grateful! Thread Tools L800i Printable Version. If your phone is updated then it will pass a message that phone is already updated and asks you to disconnect phone.