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If i touch the screen exactly in the middle, the coordinates are ok. Should return a lot of stuff and one section should have the name of your monitor. Each SmartSet controller has the circuitry needed to interface an Elo touchscreen to a host computer. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. This manual provides technical information on the Elo SmartSet touchscreen controller family. I wish I could say what about 7. November 28th, 3.

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Here is what I got. January 10th, 9. SwapX and SwapY options in that driver seem like they would also help if the same issue comes up. If you choose to flip the cable, you must then recalibrate by running elocalib from a DOS prompt.

Elo Touch Screen Intelli Touch (USB)

I also got similar results and the calibration tool included reported the driver couldn’t be found. Parameters for the internal filtering algorithms can be adjusted through software setup. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

The average of these values is used as the X coordinate. I’ve submitted the hal information in Bug – see: Example C code is included. The following controllers make up the SmartSet controller family.


It may be clear for best image clarity or treated for antiglare properties. Each section beginning with the word Section and ending with the word EndSection yes it is obvious but This guide is meant to help people install touch screen monitors that use IntelliTouch technology Surface Acoustic Wavehopefully, other technologies will also work, although I don’t have the hardware to test it. I wish I could say what about 7.

Each SmartSet controller has the circuitry needed to interface an Elo touchscreen to a host computer. This is continued until several successive X samples fall within the range. The version I got is beta, so again, there may be further restrictions in getting access to that.

Unsupported Version This article applies to an unsupported version of Ubuntu.

EloTouch Solutions | Support

Tried Following attempts i have done but no luck. But as soon as I move right or left, the movement is amplified until it is way off.

Next, you have to find your monitors name: You can intellituoch either one. I tried evtouch binary 0. Precompiled driver for X V0. The portrait display setting works fine, but the touch screen input does not rotate appropriately.


Why this guide

Now, my right screen is having x resolution and ilnux laptop screen also, using the above statement, the mouse cursor is fitting well.

I have tried solution provided here, but ubuntu can not start after modification of xorg.

It really wasn’t as hard as it sounds. I put this near the top, right under the all the remarks and stuff. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

Select T for Touch Testing Touch the screen at approximately the same point in the lower left corner as per above; the coordinates should be similar to those that were seen in the upper right corner previously not exact, but relative. Features of SmartSet controllers include: Sign up or log in Sign intelliouch using Google. You can install the driver with synaptic or the console.