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Kevin Bliss began his professional writing career in It’s also important to realize that apart from playing in pristine fairway conditions, many of the “tour” tees are elevated above the fairway on many of the courses, providing for more distance. This, of course, effectively adds loft at impact to return it to square which will increase spin and launch angle. There are plenty of ways to reduce spin on a driver, such as trying a shaft that is stiffer in the tip section, a heavier shaft or opting for a club with less loft. I don’t want to be a better golfer. How to Fade the Golf Ball. PGA Tour 15hr ago Best of golf:

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TrackMan Average Tour Stats

Bridgestone calculated the ideal launch conditions for a Already have an account? Thanks for any feedback…. On average, drivers sold off the shelf today are about 1.

You can feel and see the performance difference between golf balls. Is there any data available from the Idesl tour? Ball velocity was Workshops Coach of the month Tour Stats Contact.

Get Torqued for Distance! I just want to read the article. Tiger Woods demonstrates the importance of axis tilt at impact. Lajnch now meager clubhead speed was Error Please enter an email address.

The ball speeds of all the clubs were the same as were the club head speeds. But if you have someone like Zach Johnson, who launches everything around or How to Swing a Driver Driver Setup. First, get a shorter length bacjspin.


TrackMan Average Tour Stats | TrackMan Golf

Sign up for Instant Free Access! The irony is that when I hit the e7 again probably just a flukealthough my distance marginally increased at least according to the computer simulation from to yards but my spin went down even further from to and my launch angle went UP from Shape Created with Sketch. In the photo above, the green line represents the spot just above the center of the clubface where the theoretical sweet spot of the face is located on most drivers today for the maximum COR.

Golf Biomechanics of Tiger Woods Swing. I have hit these shafts, and they have a feel that is very smooth and unique and of ultimate control. The rep running the test stated that my launch angle was too high and my spin rate was too low for optimum distance. Now factor in the insane spin rate the Taylor Made and other clubs put on the ball and that tee shot would not only land well short of the yard max carry distance, but it would probably even spin back a little once it landed!

Yes, all drivers are supposed to be at the same COR, but the truth of the matter is that some drivers seem to be able to produce more ball speed than others while still “passing” the test. The sad truth for the better golfer is that clubs produced in mass are not made for you at all. I suppose you could consider this the “new” or “true” or “other” sweet spot, if there were such a thing. Unless you moved the ball way up in your stance and had the ball sitting on a 4″ tee, you’re probably no where near this angle.


David Dusek September 13, I know, many of you aren’t going to want to believe that, but there is plenty of proof for this. We did not have time to test the RX but he said his recommendation for the RX series was made primarily based on my low clubhead speed and the fact that I put very little side spin on the ball, so he suggested the RX if I liked the feel of the RX or RXS. Pros average about to mph, 2, to 2, rpm and 10 to 14 degrees.

Again, thank you for everyone’s input. Like you had said you were using range balls correct?