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I don’t have a better answer than what Nvidia told you. For those of you that have the RTM version of Windows 7 and are experiencing USB issues, please start a new thread here and provide the following info to help with our investigation: Guess Windows 7 bit already has me spoiled. So do you have any other devices connected when you are trying to copy or just the usb external HDD? It definitely appears as though it’s chipset based. I have an HP Pavilion Ay with as the msinfo says Home Preimum, Everything works except for the in-1 card reader, it comes up as an unknown device So I’m going to use a bigger font here so people scanning this thread for the first time will hopefully see the info.

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You can use google to do the calculations or use scientific calculator.

HighPoint HPT374 UDMA/ATA133 RAID Controller v3.04

I have reason to believe Malware is involved. Noticed I hadn’t disabled power saving for that device, however, one might assume an operating system wouldn’t want to turn off a wireless transmitter? Select type of offense: Thanks, Mark Want to know if your hardware will hp3t74 on Windows 7? I know I should just shut up and be happy about it but I’d like to learn something.

Being that it’s been 3 years since the last chipset update for this card, it looks like I’m either SOL or HP is waiting for the all important Oct 22 release?? Nevertheless it’s possible that the fact that Win7x64 users trying to access external HD data via wireless network are experiencing identical problems to those here with USB connections could help focus the search for a solution.


HighPoint Drivers

FYI was referred to this thread from http: First, thanks for your dedication and everybody else here in wineows to get this resolved. You should see a “view reliability history” link. This one is long enough already: Keep up the good work! First, here’s my Specs: Start with small folders-around a gb or so and gradually move up until you see where you start having problems. In Windows 10 system, right click on the Startand click Programs and Features. This was simple and headache free.

I’ll go get that reported right now. But if this is a solution, maybe a temporary fix would be to recompile the Vista x64 SP2 drivers pht374 the Win 7 RTM signature so that it can be loaded in without issues and driver signature problems. I’ll try to get more data to share next week. I sent a request to Nvidia to see if they had any newer chipset drivers for my particular card and unfortunately, because of OEM’s particular specifics, they don’t have chipset drivers available for the nforce 6xxm series and the one from the HP site is about 3 years old.


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Skip- google a program called “process hacker”. Stack unwind information not available. Last time it happens when i’m trying to copy huge amount of small files to the hppt374.

It’s only an I currently have no working backup because my backup fails every time I try to run it to my external drive. I also do video editing with my external drives as well which won’t be doable until nVidia or MS come up with a solution. Problem solved with the temporary workaround. Writing to them and large files doesn’t work.

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Maybe formula is off? My wireless key gets dropped and the connection can’t be restored without a reboot so I’m not even able windowa “check for a solution” if I could. I have a Spanish version of W7 not my natural language, but trying my best to be clear with what I say Hope it helps! It’s a problem mainly among mobo’s with a Nvidia chipset MSI for example.