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I would suggest disabling hardware raid and setting up software raid or no raid at all until the driver makes its way on the Linux Kernel, if it ever does. Added a procfs interface so users can tell the driver to rescan our devices. And also lsscsi does only show the DVD drive, but no disks. If you can find a way to update firmware, this will likely resolve the issue. Message 10 of

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Steps to install RHEL 6. Yesterday by doing tests on different processes, I disabled postfix and the server stopped hanging. Fixed bug where deleting logical volumes could hang the system.

HP ProLiant Servers

First download the following ISO: The controller already had write cache enabled with the battery. Was working without issues for more than 4 months in a row before that. You may need firmware blobs found at here and here lknux instructions found at installation manual chapter 6. From time to time there may be instances in which hardware or driver features are not supported by the cciss driver which comes with your distribution or kernel, because it is too old, or the hardware is too new, etc.

Non non-free firmware required! Updates for kdump support Changes since 3.


Tuning a HP Smart Array P400 with Linux – why tuning really matters…

If you’ve been using cciss already on these controllers, it is not recommended that you attempt to upgrade your running system to switch from cciss to hpsa unless you have a very good reason to do so and know what you are doing. Message 10 of This feature has been removed, as any Smart Arrays not known to cciss are now presumed to be claimed by the hpsa driver.

Fixed “out of memory” error introduced in the 2. View Public Profile for hicksd8. Worked fine, needs tg3 firmware.

Install RHEL 7 on unsupported HP Smart Array (P)

This new driver will support new Smart Array products going forward, and the cciss driver will eventually be deprecated. Later, after checking this one out a bit more, I’ll edit this to reflect what I find.

VGA is Radeon, and complains about the firmware missing no acceleration, reduced 2D performance. Sign up using Email and Password. HP Repository HP provides an apt repository for the? Benchmarking Software and Discussion Overclock. If you can find a way to update firmware, this will likely resolve the issue. In these instances you may wish to try the source RPMs or tarballs provided here.

HP/ProLiant – Debian Wiki

Disabled Cache Backup Power Source: I can’t comment on this much as I haven’t tried pinux, but from my so far very brief perusing of the code it appears to be alright at first glance, basically doing the expected things.


To enable this feature of hpsa, the module parameter hpsa. Repository details may be found at: Hello community, after hours days spent to understand what’s the problem reported also in the following thread: In this case, it is just a text file, documentation, meant for human consumption. Here’s a sample report from arrayprobe 2.

So the question is, is it hhp to bring the cciss-driver in the plus-kernel? Initially, there was some overlap in the boards which these two drivers support. The hpsa driver has the ability to claim unknown Smart Arrays, however this is turned off by default so that it does not try to claim older controllers meant to be claimed by the cciss driver.

GiPa Red Hat 4 The current list of supported controllers for hpsa: For a new install of lnux distribution using the hpsa driver, the “cciss.