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This keyboard isn’t going to be ideal for everyone, but those who like it including myself , really like it. The manual is fully in Japanese, btw. Man, it sure does feel nice; not traveling as far to reach Backspace is a good thing. Is there an easy way to remap keys on Windows? To use the codes that are shown on the front facing side of the keys such as F1 to F12, PgUp Page Up , Caps, and arrows cursor , hold down the [Fn] key and press the relevant key.

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The keyboard is also for sale on the EliteKeyboards website. Site Maintenance – August 31, I definitely want this. You can help Deskthority by expanding it.

Low default Medium High Select the same height setting on the Left and Right sides of mwc keyboard, ensuring the feet click correctly into position.

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Using the Height Adjustment Mechanism. Try it for a day and you’ll wonder why Caps-Lock earned such valuable keyboard real-estate. Want to add to the discussion? This page hhkh last modified on 23 Januaryat It’s possible newer versions just have it integrated already. Click Modifier Keys on the lower right.


Switch Hitter Keyboard Diagnostic Software can help! How can I use them?

This sets the media controls volume up and downplayand pause on the function layer. It depends on which mode is set through the DIP switch on the back of the keyboard.

Happy Hacking Keyboard, OSX Configuration – Trial & Error

The Happy Hacking Professional 2 HHKB2 is a minimalist’s dream come true; packing more features than a full size keyboard into a very small package. Before connecting a USB device to the ports, check that the consumption current of your USB max does not exceed mA or the USB device may not be detected and may not function correctly. Man, it sure does feel nice; not traveling as far kac reach Backspace is a good thing. These differences are pretty minor and provide in my mind a noticeable performance gain.

Nah, unnecessary drivers don’t even get loaded. However, mapping shortcuts that work seamlessly on both the HHKB and the standard laptop took some time. EK Keycap Pulling Tool.


HHKB Professional2 – Deskthority wiki

Also long before I embarked on this journey I mapped my Caps-Lock to the control key. I modified the laptop’s key layout to match the available keys on the HHKB to create some consistency.

I bought from him since I didn’t have to pay sales tax win! A similar example is the griffin iMate. The Eject key is not available.

HHKB Professional2

I use a Mac. This keyboard hhb going to be ideal for everyone, but those who like it including myselfreally like it.

Here are my Mac specific settings: Views Read View source View history. The driver supports Mac OS X The height adjustment mechanism is located on the bottom of the keyboard, allowing you to adjust the height at the rear of the keyboard to suit your preference.