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Here’s the back of the camera. Even the “high power” ones the battery manufacturers say are designed for devices like digital cameras. Want a second opinion? Its compact size and protective sliding lens cover make it perfect for carrying in a small pocket or purse, and the braided nylon wrist strap provides a secure hold when you pull it out to shoot. On a good note, images showed low image noise. At the moment, I don’t know of a lower-priced camera that delivers anything I’d consider to be acceptable image quality.

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The camera captured bright, clear images at light levels only as low as eight foot-candles 88 a110which is about three EV stops brighter than average city street lighting at night and the “brightest” low light level we test at.

These are fairly easy to navigate, but they can also be somewhat time-consuming when changing flash modes, self-timer, and image quality functions we usually like to handle with external control buttons.

A photo shown – view A photo. Chromatic aberration is high, showing only about five or six pixels of coloration on either side of the target lines, which was exaggerated by the strong corner softness. The camera’s White Balance system handled most of our test lighting well, though we often noticed slight warm casts with some of our studio shots namely, the House poster, Musicians shot, and Davebox.

Above it a01 the optical viewfinder window, which provides a fairly accurate though tight view of the image framing.


DCRP Review: Fuji FinePix A/A

Picky Details Information on shooting speed, battery life, etc. If you’re thinking “gee, he took that shot a lot closer than he usually does”, you’re right. The camera can hold about 94 seconds of total video on the included 16MB card A and 47 seconds on the 8MB card A If I took the usual macro shot, it came out blurry. The camera has a built-in lens cover, so you don’t need to worry about lens caps. The camera also had a hard time with the incandescent lighting of our Indoor Portrait without flashproducing a strong magenta cast.

The thumbnails below show a subset of our test images. Help answer threads with 0 replies. Otherwise, we found the A very uncomplicated and quick to learn — for a novice user, you’ll need about 30 minutes to become familiar with its operation. It also serves as the “OK” button to confirm menu selections.

The A does just fine though, with accurate, bright color, despite its simple operation and low cost. The major difference is that the A is 1. As such it does a good job of delivering good-quality, color-correct images when shooting outdoors or with the on-camera flash ufji, but it doesn’t perform well in low-light situations, including indoor available light.

Fujifilm FinePix A101 – Digital Camera

Also, buy the highest capacity AAs the manufacturer makes, the few extra dollars for the extra capacity is usually well worth it. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-size photo. The lens is s101 to a 36mm lens on a film camera.

Let’s take a tour fujk these two cameras. The zoom and scroll feature, as I call it, lets you zoom in as much as 4X A or 5X A into your photo, and then scroll around in it. A movie – 1. We suggest buying a 16MB card or larger – memory cards are awfully cheap these days if you plan to travel a lot and won’t have immediate access to a computer hard drive for downloading images. Sliding the power switch to the On position opens the lens cover and activates one of three operating modes: In Playback mode it switches between 1 an image display with camera settings, 2 an image display without settings, and 3 Index mode.


Below the lens is a sliding Macro switch that positions a close-up lens over the normal lens internally to aid in focusing at shorter distances. The lens is fixed-focus, and you a1011 switch between regular and macro mode using the switch on the front. Moving between photos takes just over two seconds.

Fujifilm FinePix A101

How about a third? Want a second opinion? By contrast, an “optical zoom” enlarges the image the sensor sees, so there’s no loss of quality. I’d rate the build quality as average for entry level cameras.

The A did a nice job with color and image quality throughout our testing. The A’s flash illuminated the macro area well, though with slightly uneven lighting.