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This affects which copy of Linux libnvidia-tls gets installed. First off, while their binary part is PAE-capable since around version , their build glue and wrapper only partially is. The procedure is explained in the post mentionned above. Only one port used it. Previously it would immediately core dump upon loading of nvidia.

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When I switch tty and then immediately switch back I can see a stream of usage: Org server has been updated to 1.

FreeBSD x64 Graphics Driver Archive

Commit History – may be incomplete: Enabling 2D acceleration [ There is another message from xauth: I know that startx reaches.

Log in as root. freebsf

Change the tty back to where the user is logged in. Remove wrongly created patch in r which had lost existing history. Update two most recent branches of nVidia drivers to versions Several ports were removed with this update, mainly because they are not compatible with the X.


This information is available directly on their web site: The xauth messages disappeared nvisia dwm didn’t start as well.

FreshPorts — x11/nvidia-driver

Post as a guest Name. DPMS enabled [ Copied from PR submitter, since it was much cleaner then my initial attempt.

Convert to OptionsNG Approved by: Having determined the correct freensd to use for your card, installation is as simple as installing any other port. Sign up using Email and Password.

User Login Create account. According to this thread on forums. The changes it brings are described in a post on the Graphics team blog: Make sure to update your ports nvidai using your favorite method like csupCVSup or portsnap before you install any application from the ports system. Unfortunately, this now requires port revision bump in all three ports.

Update nVidia driver ports to their most recent versions, bringing assorted bugfixes and support for X.

Update mainstream driver to version The correct one to use depends on the actual model and age of your graphics card: Garbage-collect some nvidja longer relevant patching it does nothing these days ; these are not the changes being made, these are previous changes being removed: Adopt the same way this is done for the core driver. Org X Server 1. This affects which copy of Linux libnvidia-tls gets installed.


RGB weight [ Default visual is TrueColor [ Trim Makefile header for NVidia drivers, and move advisory comment about legacy drivers to the top, where is suits better.

Previously it would immediately core dump upon loading of nvidia. Resolve current build breakage on head for the nvidia driver via this nice handy patch from dhw: Update nVidia driver to the recent long lived branch version