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Using either 3 or 6 AA batteries, it has extensive power management functionality that enables it to transmit up to 2, location reports over an extended period of time. The Astra Telematics AT is a low cost vehicle tracking device with integrated anntenas and a 3-axis accelerometer. Ready for the most innovative GPS tracking software? Geofence zones settings and parameters This chapter explains how to get all parameters for the first GeoFence zone all ID numbers are for the 1 zone. Module Installation It is recommended to place GPS antenna behind dashboard as close to the window as possible. It is additional area around defined zone used to prevent false event recording when object stops on the border of the area and because of GPS errors some records are made inside area and some —

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Teltonika FM FW When module starts it is prohibited to open the context.

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If LED does not blink — it means Got it, continue to print. It has support for digital inputs and outputs and 1-wire temperature sensors and driver identification. Parameter List Parameter List FM uses only one profile, teltonuka all changes to parameters must be done in profile1 profile0 is for global parameters.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Getweektime getweektime Response details Description Clock Sync Indicates system clock synchronization status. The integrated motion sensor support fall detection, should the user collapse to the ground.


The unit can be installed out-of-sight, with up to 4 cameras discretely placed in and around the vehicle. Angle based acquire value. More from Teltonika Teltonika FM Astra Telematics Astra Telematics are a UK manufacturer with a range of hardware designed for the vehicle tracking market.

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A variety of different digital and analog inputs, as well as a CANbus interface, helps this device meet the needs of the most demanding installs. The special web interface is used for this operation.

The Queclink GL is a compact, battery powered IPX7-rated asset tracking device that can report its location for over a year, before the battery has to be replaced. It has an internal backup battery and both 1-wire driver identification and CANbus interfaces. S1 The S1 is a wristwatch that has traditional teltonuka and minute hands as well as a small digital display panel.

After launching terminal choose baud rate and hardware control — none. Navigil Navigil is a Finnish manufacturer of wrist-worn personal location devices.

In order to update firmware, server sends a SMS to the FM and directs it to connect to the server and download new firmware. To avoid mechanical damage, it heltonika advised to transport the FM device in an impact-proof package. It also has a number of digital inputs and outputs, supports teltonnika 1-wire interface for temperature and driver identification, and full CANbus support. ID consists of 4 digits — first digit identifies profile, second, third and fourth identifies parameter ID as described in Parameter List chapter.


Server connection details List of supported features. Navixy Supported devices — Overview. Entering zero disables data acquisition depending on angle. Navigil is a Finnish manufacturer of wrist-worn personal location devices.

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An integrated panic button provides users with an easy and configurable way to request help. It is important to mention that FM has additional inputs and outputs, which let you control and monitor other devices on remote objects.

It is teltnika to place GPS antenna behind dashboard as close to the window as possible.

Digital inputs are used to read this information. Sleep Mode It keeps adding these intervals until it is time to make a record, then FM records its location and adds odometer value, which is equal to the sum of all distances, measured every second. Users can view live footage from any or all of the cameras on the website, and incident footage is automatically uploaded.

Sign up and get your own GPS tracking platform instantly! As well as operating as a vehicle tracking device, the SmartWitness KP1S also captures HD wide angle video from a dash-mounted, forward facing camera.