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Now I am just having an issue with picking a graphics card that would be compatible and I was hoping if you guys could help me out! I know its a driver issue but how do you fix it if you can NOT get to a terminal to enter ‘sudo apt-get remove compiz’? Hey guys I have a dell dimension C and it will not upgrade to windows Graphics card for Dell Dimension C Michael Replied on December 8, Dec 20, at 2: May 20th, 2.

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Assumptions are not a good foundation for an answer. I know its a driver issue but how do you fix it if you can NOT get to a terminal to enter ‘sudo apt-get remove compiz’? May 20th, 2.

Thanks for marking this as the answer. Or bye another hard drive. Let’s see the hardware specifications before deciding where to go and no, googling ‘Dell Dimension E’ is not enough.

Any advice or graphkcs recommendations would be very much appreciated! Thanks for the sppedy response Badger, I guess I’ll play it safe. Most of the newer low profile gpu dont use that much juice anyway.


Perform a clean install of Windows How satisfied are you with this response? May 20th, 1.

Upgrading a Dell Dimension C – Best Graphics Card? : buildapc

Dec 28, at c52 You can use your current monitor on it as long as it is VGA compatible. Check if its listed as supported by Windows Tell us about your experience with our site.

Jan 6, at 3: You have no chance of running any Canonical Fard on such low RAM for anything beyond deol up the system, playing music files and very basic web pages Ubuntu and Edubuntu probably won’t even install and if it did it would probably not boot, a 32 bit copy of Xubuntu or Lubuntu would likely install and boot assuming the CPU is PAE-compatible and the Nvidia card is supported — which it probably isn’t as you are having graphics issuesyou could use a swap area but swap on Linux is slower than molasses on dimejsion F day and the CPU power is low enough to cause your computer to balk at CPU intensive websites even with a RAM upgrade.

As far as I have learned the slot is restricted to 25W and it needs to be a low profile card. I have done many basic installs on intel and AMD machines and this problem never occurred prior to yesterday when the No offering rewards to solicit help.


Graphics card for Dell Dimension C521

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. About problems graphcis to upgrading. Jan 6, at 4: StiggyDec 20, Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

Do NOT try to uninstall compiz why?? I saw videos of other people that had that working on the SAME model and windows 10 upgrade assistant said that my computer was compatible.

How satisfied are you with this reply?

Now the only problem that I have is choosing a video card! If so than you can’t do that.

Mitigation Uninstall antivirus applications. Update drivers and BIOS. Be sure to buy one with a one-year warranty.

Dec 20, at 8: It’s your hard drive.