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Logitech Z Page But simple spring terminals are better if you want to be able to extend the cables. Just follow these simple steps to unleash the full effect of your digital speakers: Musical quality has not been neglected either, and the FPS renders it quite well, at least for the money you pay. All of that bass plus the usual large dose of subwoofer-played midrange

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As if that’s not enough, these “subwoofers” often have to work as midrange speakers as well, because they’re teamed up with really tiny satellite speakers which have a hard time playing anything below about Hz.

Creative Fps PC Sound Speakers FourPointSurround by Cambridge Soundworks | eBay

DC power input, audio line-in. If it were, it wouldn’t need a heat sink. But not if you’d be fps11600 up the bass until your stereo sounded like that anyway.

Best way to know if you bought the right audio system Best way to know if you bought the right audio system by Steve Guttenberg. They’re not a transcendent sonic experience; maybe the four;ointsurround phase plug driver does something good, but the lack of damping material in the speaker boxes may cancel it out.

There are two other reasons.

The drivers in small subs aren’t likely to have an intrinsic resonance below about 60Hz, and may only manage 80Hz or more. But they instead settled on purple, orange, brown and “gold”, with a little block of each fourpointsufround printed above each connector; to my eyes the last three look like three different shades fourpointsuurround tan.


If you’re into games with 3D positional audio, you don’t need multiple speakers for accurate sound location spotting; two headphone transducers will work better. Smart Home by Rick Broida Nov 27, Inside the small speakers is, wonder of wonders, a foutpointsurround of acetate fibre wadding, and drivers rated at 10 watts RMS for the satellites and 12 watts for the centre speaker.

Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: The sub’s response doesn’t fall off too horribly below resonance, so it can pump out Burning Down The House’s bassline quite successfully, thank you.

Cambridge SoundWorks FourPointSurround FPS1600 – speaker system – for PC

This is not true. The sub has a resonance peak around the to Hz mark, and drops off smoothly below that, for the sort of frankly lousy fpz1600 response that I’ve come to expect from very small subwoofers. The position of the sub woofer was below my table just behind a wall. Fourpointshrround back of the sub driver hides behind the huge bent port, but you can peer through the gap to see the mere hundred watt rating.

The Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, BWVoften referred to by people who wouldn’t know a Bach Werke Verzeichnis number if it danced on their desk wearing lederhosen as just plain “Toccata”, played on a big ol’ organ by a typically reticent organistis actually less of a bass test than creayive Talking Heads track. The eight inch cone cteative the front of the Inspire subwoofer isn’t actually a speaker driver – it’s a passive radiator, which has some of the qualities of a speaker and some of the qualities of a port.

It’s quite easy to get the FPS sub to make these noises, and they’re annoying.


Beyond that fact, though, I found its performance in my listening tests quite underwhelming. How shall I put this? So this module could easily have watts of amplifier power.

The rear speaker actually added more atmosphere to the game than ever before.

Creative, however, claim the sub’s good for 30 watts, with another 21 from the centre speaker and seven watts each from the satellites, giving a total of 79 watts.

Above is the external volume controller where you can adjust the balance for the Front and Rear speakers.

Comparison of 13 4.1 and 5.1 Sound Systems

It’s usually much cheaper to ship that way, and assemble and fill the boxes in the destination country. Unfortunately, they also fall over backwards rather easily, because the plinths don’t extend much behind their Z-axis centre of gravity.

Never mind that if you’re shopping for a multimedia speaker fourpoibtsurround, though, because their “subwoofers” are almost without exception nothing like as beefy as a “proper” sub. Be the first to review this product. General Speaker System Type.

Bach’s “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor”. The subwoofer does its work fairly well and is powerful enough to make explosions and gunfire sound right, but don’t expect miracles.

Not rubbish, but not good enough to justify the price.