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That’s all I hope this article was interesting for you. Here’s the minimum filter graph:. Sign in to vote. So we need to gather following information about each channel: I will describe it more detail below. To connect the demultiplexer with video and audio decoders, you can create video and audio pins manually and configure them to the correct types. Insert video and audio decoders and filters, link them with the demultiplexer filter.

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Features of DVB-T2 application development using C# and DirectShow.NET library

Any ideas on how to fix this? How can I cross-reference what “feature” or “driver” under DS corresponds to the “ks.

It means that you cannot be sure that the service information you need at the moment of query has already being broadcasted and received by your TV tuner, and therefore available for you. Saturday, March 15, 4: The results would be:.

Hey Greg, I am back to working on this on my windows 8. Earlier you had mentioned that on windows 8.


Download source – Thanks for the help here all. I am back to working on this on my windows 8.

Features of DVB-T2 application development using C# and library – CodeProject

Monday, January 20, 3: Nevertheless, I prefer to configure the video and audio PIDs manually. Thank you for the response. Denis Lysikov Sep Tuesday, December 24, 2: Edited by gc04 Sunday, December 29, 3: The program I developed was a system service and did not have a UI. All necessary channel information can be obtained using IDviSiParser methods: This provider is automatically adjusted depending on the type of tuner filter attached to it.

NET assemblies – If you want to develop software for a specific tuner model, then my advice is to contact the tuner manufacturer or dealer to clarify whether the tuner driver supports IDVBTLocator2 interface. Here’s the minimum filter graph: Therefore, in order to ensure that the required channel information from /receiver/rnder MPEG-2 stream is received, you will have to implement your own timeout functionality.

Friday, March 14, These are the values I took a guess at. You can configure the types of pins, depending on the video and audio stream information from MPEG-2 stream system tables see below.


In the 3rd picture you can see I manually added the CarrierFrequency I looked this value up on wikipedia for channel 21 but I am not sure this is correct. If I right click and choose render pin it tells me “Sorry, the Filter Graph cannot render this pin.

How to Use DVB Dream

Thanks again for everything! And so it is possible to request service information, which has not come to an MPEG-2 stream at the time of the request. Microsoft does not recommend using IMpeg2Data interface as outdated. I was able to get LAV video decoder to work.

Sunday, December 29, 3: Monday, January 6, 4: There were no warnings or errors of any kind, either from “setup” or in the Windows event log, prior to plugging in the device.