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Attach the microscope adapter to the AVerVision camera head. Take caution when using earphones. Make sure the arrow on the camera head and microscope adapter are on the same side to connect and twist clockwise for the arrows to meet and lock. Can the F50 be mounted? The F50 has a gooseneck that allows you to lean, bend, and flex the camera in any direction. Repeat this step to re-enable the logo display. The picture on the presentation screen is distorted or the image is blurry.

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Does the F50 have an adjustable neck?

F50 Support: FAQ, troubleshooting, and downloads | AVer USA

Take caution when using avervisoon. The F50 has a gooseneck that allows you to lean, bend, and flex the camera in any direction. How do I turn off the on-screen display of the AVer logo?

There is no computer signal on presentation screen. Connect the AVerVision F50 to a microscope enables you to examine microscopic objects on a big screen. We recommend connecting an amplified speaker to the Audio output port. There is no Camera image on the presentation screen. Make sure your USB cable is connected. AVI format avemredia your SD card. Remove the microscope eyepiece from the microscope and connect it to the microscope adapter with the rubber coupler inserted.


The highest resolution the F50 can output is x at 30fps. It comes with the following selections: Reset all changed settings, if any, to the original manufacturer default setting.

Avermeedia annotation toggle icon will appear during image playback mode. Storing and Handling The gooseneck design allows you to freely bend the arm and store the camera head in the camera holder. In single image playback mode, you can use the annotation feature to avermevia straight line or freeform line on the captured image with the USB mouse connected to the USB port of AVerVision F Make sure there are sufficient lighting in the room or Turn on the LED lamp on your document camera head.

AVerMedia AVerVision F50 Portable Flexible Document Camera

When “Mass Storage Start…” appears at the lower right corner of the presentation screen, you may now connect the USB cable. Upon connecting the USB cable, the system automatically detects the new removable disk. Once you have properly secured the camera head avetvision the camera holder, you may use the arm to carry AVerVision F Is it possible to use the F50 without a computer?


Using the Annotation Press on the remote.

Then connect it to the AVerVision and microscope. Only the audio from the video playback is supported. Insert a SD card into the SD card memory slot. Change the image display mode to Microscope.

AVerVision F50

No, the avermddia will save a new copy of the file under a different filename. Why does the image look compressed when I am in annotation mode? The unit’s power light turns Orange in standby mode. The AVerVision Software cannot detect the document camera. If you discover that the image is blurry or out of focus, press the Auto Focus button on the control panel or remote control.

AVerMedia AVerVision F50 Model P0C7B Portable Flexible Document Camera | eBay

You can now transfer the captured image s from the F50 built-in memory to the computer hard disk. The built-in microphone on the control panel will be disabled when an external microphone is connected. The recorded audio will be in monophonic sound.

For different command, please refer to your laptop manual.