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But when I save the remaining video clip, I find part of audio also deleted and the resulting movie has audio ahead of video. Capture scripting and command-line. I used virtualdobmod to convert it to avi and i selected direct stream copy. Since I’m a fotographer, I’m greatly interested in using VDub. I capture at x with “2: Then the next file was somewhere around MB, then the last file was like MB. I left the default setting for 50MB min, MB max and enabled the multisegment capture and spill drives.

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Then, go to Video again, and choose Source. Feb 24, Posts: The strange thing about my situation is that before I couldn’t even get into capture mode. I haven’t check the audio yet because I’m still capping right now.

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I don’t think it’s a bug anyway ; It’s the first version i try since 1. Nice to see the newer versions addressing this.

Antti – 29 01 05 – The main problem is that it doesn’t have VFW drivers, meaning it won’t work with my favorite program: It isn’t available in the current VirtualDub help.


TV tuners are now supported. I have the all in wonder radeon and I capture with virtual dub under win2k all the time Sorry, internal interfaces are still in flux.

Ryan Andres – 26 01 05 – Being able to write multiple audio sources is probably not coming anytime soon. There are still three other things I’d like to have in VirtualDub: Keep up the good work!

Jul 2, Posts: Valky – 27 01 05 – Luke – 11 01 05 – The stats indicated it was capturing the full 25 fps I had set it to but was unable to “ok” save changes in settings and the output file confirmed all frames had captured. Release Notes Related Drivers The Audio menu now has an option to replay the captured audio through your sound card.

SonOfAdam – 12 01 05 – Please check the FAQ – Knowledgebase first This forum is not the place to request for urgent assistance If you have an urgent support request or have a problem concerning registration, serial numbers, orders, personal info etc.

That does sound like an FFMPEG bug, because VirtualDub hands its window to the video codec, which is supposed to use that as the parent for the dialog and thus automatically disable the video compression window. I didn’t check whether this option still works in 1. Noise reduction, field swap, and luma squish can be toggled during capture.


ArKaos Users Forum • View topic – Please Help with WDM capture cards !! 🙁

Attempting to extend the desktop display when using a CRT, TV and DFP display devices no longer results in display qti being noticed on the primary display adapter. NET Framework Version 1.

Fri Apr 06, Anyway we can’t expect perfect results from a experimental release,but Virtualdub seems to be improving significantly in other areas.

DirectShow driver did not stretch display window properly.

I have now successfully captured video in resolutions up to x, which wasn’t capthre possible with the VoodooTV. Board index All times are UTC. The capture engine does more internal checks so that several actions that would previously cause a crash are now safe.

Lorenzo – 14 09 05 –