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The RTC real time clock can also keep running as long as the power cord is plugged. Wol wake On Lan LED 1 – Indicates that the memory may have been installed incorrectly or is damaged. Layout frequency Isolation Wall LED 4 – Indicates that the floppy disk drive may have been installed incorrectly or is damaged. So, whenever the sensor is triggered by lights or the opening of the chassis, the system will send out beep sound to inform you.

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Ecc error Checking And Correction Please note that there is no standard for this kind of connector yet, only some internal zound cards implement this connector. It also stops the motherboard from bending after the heatsink is installed.

AOpen AX4BS-V Intel S Socket ATX Motherboard w/Audio + CPU + MB RAM . | eBay

Each channel supports two IDE devices that make a total of four devices. F3 Changing menu language. The blue connector is IDE1 for clear identification. Please keep the receipt. Bus Master Ide dma Mode Used soind are cleaned, clear plastics are hand polished to reduce visible scuffs or scratches.


Support 3 Usb Ports Ultra DMA support in your computer means that it will boot start and open new applications more quickly. The part number, serial number and BIOS version are also very helpful.

Onboard audio is taken care of by VIA’s AC’97 codec, no you’re not going to hear me rant and rave about how bad this codec is anymore. Thermal Sensor Connector Right Arrow Move the light bar to right side of menu.

Table Of Contents Quick Installation Procedure Any exceptional wear will be noted in our description. Apm advanced Power Management LED 1 – Indicates that the memory may have been installed incorrectly or is damaged. Since all FDD drive connector and IDE connectors are near the bottom of osund board, it may be difficult for owners of full tower ATX cases to get long enough cables in some cases. Please be noted that for DDR memory, you may install them on all of the sockets; but for DDR memory, you may install only them on two sockets.

Cpu Jumper-less Design This documentation is protected by copyright ax45-f.

We were very impressed by the overall quality of the AXV motherboard – AOpen has historically taken the extra step soune it’s customers and the heatsink retention mechanism is just one sign of this. About Us Employment Privacy Policy.


Aopen AX45-V 478 SiS 645 961 DDR LAN 2xCOM LPT AX45 V GAME Port AGP ATX 6xPCI

The orange LED indicates the transfer mode, and it lights when data is transferring in Mbps mode. Fcc Doc declaration Of Conformity The chipset has support for 6 USB 1. Further, AOpen will not disclose any of information you submitted under any conditions. In general, to provide hardware independent portability, operation system and drivers is required to access BIOS without directly access hardware devices.

Ultra DMA was developed as a proposed industry standard by the Quantum corporation, makes of hard disk drives, and Intel, makes of chipset that support computer bus technology.

Perhaps your VGA card or monitor is defective. Pci peripheral Component Interface Bus Do not remove this yellow jumper cap if housing without an audio port on the front panel.