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Refer to your owner’s manual for information on which slots support bus-mastering data transfers. You are prompted to restart the PC. Initiating the Installation To begin the installation: This includes mouse support and context-sensitive help. Exit the EtherCD, and then shut down Windows. Click the down arrow on that selection, then click Client for NetWare Networks. Install the server software.

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Type the following path to load the NDIS 2 driver. Click the OK button.

3Com 3c 10\ Free Driver Download for Windows 98, 95 () – 3czip

Follow the recommended procedure and tips for installing the NIC. A symptom includes system lock-up upon initialization of Windows NT.

Later, when you install winsows driver software using the Network icon in the Windows Control Panel, the operating system assumes that you are installing another instance of a NIC, not installing software for the already recorded instance.

An example Answer File is included at the end of this document and can be used as a reference. To install the software from the EtherDisk diskettes, an additional setting must be made under windiws Additional Clients tab in the Network Options portion of the Batch 98 utility. There are three different ways to configure the NIC using command-line mode: The procedures use the 3Com EtherCD version 5. Go to Step 3 when prompted for EtherDisk diskette 2.


These files must be copied to a shared directory on the server. Insert EtherDisk diskette 1 in drive A, and then click Next. After Windows restarts, double-click the Network icon in the Windows Control Panel and make sure that the configuration settings are properly configured for your network environment.

Select No prompted to restart the PC. If multiple items are specified in Other Clients, they are separated by a comma. Select the network protocols you will be using on the network, and then click Continue. Select the protocol and click Add. This service is available through analog modem or digital modem ISDN 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Select the folder and click the right mouse button. If Windows 95 recognizes the NIC and starts copying files right away without prompting you to insert a diskette, then you have an existing version of the installation.

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Start Windows NT and log in. RUN Executes the diagnostic tests which can also be specified from a file on a selected NIC and c3om the results to the screen, a file, or a printer. After the installation completes, you are prompted to reboot the computer. The Network Setup configurator runs. If Windows does not detect new hardware, the system may have installed a generic PCI Ethernet driver. Press Restart Now to shut down and restart the PC.


The Select Network Adapter dialog box appears. The complete version of Windows 98 contains the utility Batch 98 needed to create the Answer File.

3Com 3C905C-TX.zip Free Driver Download

Click Networks in the Network Setup window. To fix this problem, open the System icon in the Windows Control Panel.

This document describes how to install the EtherCD version 5. When prompted, click the Yes windkws to shutdown and restart your computer.

Click the Yes button. LOG file located on your C: Creating the Answer File The Answer File contains all the information needed to automate the installation.